About ICF

ICF, the International Cablemakers Federation, represents the world’s leading wire and cable manufacturers. Founded in Vienna in 1990, ICF is a non-profit association governed by the Austrian law.

ICF is working to advance our future by unifying the efforts and power of connection among worldwide cablemakers. We are all committed to innovation and the collaborations needed to address the huge opportunities and challenges of this time in history, and I look forward to the progress we will make together.”

Norman Adkins, ICF President

ICF Mission

As the Federation of the world’s leading producers of wires and cables our mission is:

  • to provide a global forum for our members by highlighting the relevance of their products and their technologies to society as well as their contribution to the sustainable progress of society
  • to encourage research and development programmes for the improved utilisation and recovery of cable materials, especially considering ecological aspects
  • to actively promote improvement of health and safety practices in cable manufacture and installation.

Key Facts

ICF was founded in 1990 with a permanent Secretariat in Vienna. Today, ICF has 46 members from 26 countries of all regions in the globe.

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ICF membership is open to leading manufacturers of insulated electric wires and cables, optical fibre cables and enameled wires.

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ICF is governed by its General Assembly, strictly abiding by the ICF Anti-Trust Guidelines.

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ICF Secretariat is located in Vienna. Please be in touch for any further details.

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